with our hands, hearts and nature's gifts, we help you feel good inside & out 

A talented husband and wife team with an arsenal of powerful tools to help you find your unique path to health & wellness 

Daniel & Allison Rotberg

healing farmacy 

We offer a variety of powerful techniques and can combine services in one session if it makes sense for your healing journey. Please click on the modalities below to learn more and CONTACT US to book your session! 

Cupping & Moxa 

Essential Oils with ALLISON

Essential Oils are nature's gifts that have provided physical and emotional wellbeing for thousands of years. They are made from volatile, aromatic compounds that come from leaves, fruits, seeds, roots, and trees. The ways in which they can be of help to EVERY member of your family is countless! 

Allison teaches one-on-one OR group classes to fully educate you how to use Essential Oils safely and effectively. 

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You can also purchase the purest, therapeutic grade Essential Oils 

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