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How Covid19 sent us packing...

April 12, 2020

We packed up our (not so Mini) Van on a Friday morning in Los Angeles, our 2 boys and 2 dogs jumped in and we left on a 3 day 2300 mile journey. I was filled with anxiety and fear of the unknown for so many reasons (more on that later), but it was way better than staying in a 2 bedroom duplex in the middle of the city that was predicted to be the next epicenter after New York. We couldn't see our clients anymore, our kids were now being homeschooled and were not returning for the rest of the year, and our big outings were long walks in the neighborhood to have a balcony-street playdate with our best friends. Even though we were still more fortunate than most because we at least had a yard and a beautiful neighborhood, we knew we had an opportunity for a better quality of life. 

Twenty years ago, my husband purchased a 19 acre piece of farmland in rural, northeastern Georgia. No running water, no bathroom, no house, just fertile red dirt. Over 2 decades, he built a flourishing homestead, including a Well with the freshest, most delicious tasting water, an outhouse known as the "Treehouse potty", eventually, he built a one bedroom house which later turned into a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and a wood-burning stove. As his organic farming business grew, Daniel installed all of the amenities a modern farmhouse should have. Not to mention, he created a flourishing, organic farm, started the first Farmer's Market in Athens, Georgia and so many other collectives and partnerships around town. Not to toot my husband's horn, but he's so talented and hardworking, and only now do I fully appreciate how much time and effort that went into creating this amazing place that we can escape to. 

Over the last few years, we were contemplating what to do with our farm. We had tenants over the years after Daniel moved to live with me in LA in 2011. A year ago, when they moved out we even contemplated selling the property so that we could buy our own place in Los Angeles. Well actually, by 'we' I mean me, since my husband never entertained the idea of selling it. It was a part of his soul and always intended to keep it for our family to use. He kept saying he wanted to bring the kids here and enjoy it before our first AirBnB'ers come to stay, but we just couldn't make it happen. I made peace with the idea of keeping the farm as a short-term vacation rental and thought, in the back of my mind, if things went "south" in the world, we could escape to the farm and potentially be self-sufficient if need be. Little did I know, that would actually come to fruition. 

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