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A talented husband and wife team with an arsenal of powerful tools to help you find your unique path to health & wellness 

Daniel & Allison Rotberg 

Telemedicine and Mind/Body/Spirit Coaching 

Allison Rotberg, L.Ac. has combined 25 years of medical knowledge, holistic expertise, spiritual counseling, wellness coaching, and rich life experiences to formulate her own brand of Telemedicine and Coaching. Allison's passion and soul's purpose is to awaken the healer within you and empower your body, mind and spirit on every level.  When working with clients over the phone, Allison uses her intuition, keen listening skills and a non-judgmental space for open, honest conversation. This allows Allison to  help you uncover your unique patterns and blockages that hold you back from the life you want to lead and the peace of mind you seek. Allison partners with you on a proactive healing journey by giving you love, hope, accountability and the necessary tools for physical, emotional an​d spiritual health.

Clients seek out Allison for a myriad of reasons including medical issues, health challenges, stress, anxiety, depression, feeling stuck or lost, overcoming a traumatic event, or simply, wanting to live life optimally and avoid any of the previous listed concerns. Usually, you will be asked to do self reflection or asking/answering certain key questions that will reveal themselves in the session. You may be given 'prescriptions' for nutrition, supplements, lifestyle adjustments, aromatherapy or other natural solutions. 

Phone sessions are strictly confidential, and typically last one hour in length (although, first time sessions may be longer). These mind/body/spirit Coaching Sessions are most successful when scheduled weekly and may last a minimum of 4 weeks, but can continue on as long as needed.

Cost per hour is $100

Package of 4 is $350 ($50 savings)

Package of 8 is $600 ($200 savings)

Payment accepted through Venmo or Square Cash App - @Allison-Rotberg $Allison-Rotberg

To schedule your first session, or to ask any questions 

please contact Allison directly at (310) 658-7759 

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